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Alternative Life and Style

What does alternative mean?

To everyone alternative can be a different topic and style of life. From Victorian goth to Lolita fashion welcome to the world of weird. Where the dark meets light from the darkest of souls to the Neo fashions. Most people will pass someone who is alternative on the street in everyday life and not understand the stigma and culture. Multiple styles that we represent are from the goth, punk, rave, hippy, and circus scenes yet they are all over main stream media with new shows and music on the radio. Representing the rebellion of society and how things are never as they appear.

Goth can mean multiple styles from Victorian with bustle skirts and corsets to the Cyber with bouncy hair and spiked goggles. There are times that the Gothic style can be confused with metal fashion or emo but there are subtle differences between styles including clothing and hair.

Punk is a rough side of fashion with big hair and ripped clothing, patches and studs. There are different kinds of punk fashion including Glamrock, Rivet heads, or krusties depending on your choice of music and hygiene

Rave: Loud bass music from Electro to dubstep with everything in between. Small outfits and bright colours with a different type of music for all your listening needs. Festivals and events hitting mainstream media but we still like to focus on the unsung heroes who started it all.

Hippie: From folk music to handmade soaps this style is about love, passion and the organic side of humanity. From flowing skirts to hemp made pants and wizard staffs we offer a wide range of items to break away from the chemicals in everyday products.

Circus: Hula Hoops and stilt walking to knife juggling and performances. The world of the fun side of life to the endless hours of practice to get that show completed. Light up toys for the adventures or practice for the beginners.

Within each style comes sub genres and it webs down further to what you may be or what you want to discover. Keep searching till you find your perfect self because just remember Strange is Normal.

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