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Cover your eyes! Its Nudity

Over the years there has always been a stigma about burlesque, gogo, and exotic dancers. Gogo dancing has been around since the 60’s (if not earlier) as hired entertainers for visual aids alongside music acts and performers. Once misconception is that gogo dancers are are like exotic dancers and remove clothing during the performance but as scantily clad as the outfits are that is not correct. 

Burlesque style of dancing has been around for centuries but now is that it's done with comedy or the over dramatic acting when removing the articles of clothing. The artists in this style are still covering the genitals but it's an experience to watch a choreographed dance or skits with large props and interesting music. 

Exotic dancers is one of the oldest professions in history but most do not realize its a female dominated profession. The dancers may have elaborate outfits and acts to enhance the performance but they may lose all articles of clothing in the end. Slowly overtime it has become more acceptable to the public about the use if the body and as a tool for income. 

Just as many life choices are misunderstood there can be negative or incorrect views about the act of provocative dancing that some will not change the minds about. Maybe one day society will change the views and evolve about nudity but to this day the people who are in these professions are still as dominate and powerful for the arts. 


Photo is of Icon Betty Paige!

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