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Crossing The Scenes

We don't know about the rest of the world but here in good old Winnipeg we love to have multi venue with different genres of style and music. Now that a form of electronic music has hit the mass media and rock bands are playing popular on the radio there are not as many cross over shows as it used to be.

Not to long ago in before the popularity of electronic music and industrial would be played in a 2 room venue. The scenes were smaller and underground so they would come together to make an amazing show. Some scenes have also done the crossover was metal and industrial or metal and punk. Going to a show you would see a fair amount of familiar faces since the scene was a smaller community and would support each other. Now in today's events there is not as much cross over as it used to be but now each scene has expanded due to mass media popularity. In festivals and outdoor music events you can see a rock band strumming away with the other stage playing electronic music to create the same atmosphere.

 There are many artists over the past couple of years that have been doing mix over genres or creating new styles such as metal electro, rock and bass, even mainstream media has placed a dubstep tune over lyrics. Swing with electro, or metal up that jazz, maybe even rap with the country twang. With so many new styles coming to light the scenes are evolving into more of an influence and thus creating a larger scene per each genre so remember be kind to each other now that we are not hiding in the dark.  

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