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Emotion Music and Arts Festival


Thanks for your patience as we navigate this uncertain time.
We have some big updates for you and also want to send our love your way and thank you for all your support.

1. Emotion Arts & Music Festival is MOVING! Yes! We are happy to announce we will be moving to Saskatchewan (to the Besant Campground outside of Moose Jaw).

2. No matter what, we don’t foresee a way to host the full Emotion 2021 festival to the level of standard, safety and quality we stand by. With that said we are 90% sure Emotion won’t be happening this year.

3. Due to the above changes, we will be issuing refunds for ALL tickets previously purchased for 2020/2021.

If you have a ticket or multiple tickets, there’s nothing you need to do, the refund should automatically go through within the next 14 days for you.

UPDATE FOR TICKET HOLDERS: please keep your eyes open from an email from us/Showpass next week with 2 options.

If we are able to proceed with anything this year we will open up the option to repurchase tickets.

4. We appreciate you and hope to see you in real life sooner rather than later!

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