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Gothic Fashion When and Where?

Most people have always wondered when the fashion started and some speculations are Vlad Tempest, or Elizabeth Borden? Did the fashion start in the Victorian era and just change over time? No one knows for sure but in our day and age there are so many different styles to choose from. Today's traditional goth styles are black clothing that range from skirts and corsets to or lace and creeper shoes.

Cyber clothing is one of the flashier styles with synthetic dreadlocks, neon colors and topped with a set of platform boots. Cyber locks and goggles with spikes and chains, PVC skirts and fishnets no matter what the gender is.

Jump into Japanese fashion with Lolita clothing inspired in the late 1990’s early 2000’s. This style has been a focus of the cute porcelain doll or sweet and innocent toy. The clothing style still takes characteristic traits from the Victorian fashion era but with a twist.

Romantic goths are sweetly dressed with roses and open flowing outfits that are elegant in style or follow the Neo/Anti Goth style with all PVC and chains but bright eccentric colors and no dark clothing unless to accent.

No matter what what your style is be proud and be free because you have chosen to stand out from the norms of everyday life and society.

Photo by Matheus Farias on Unsplash

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