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Main Stream or Underground

Back when it all started certain music styles are outcasted and played in underground clubs or warehouses. When going to an underground event there was always a rick of getting caught or arrested by police. Now events can be held ini clubs, bars, venues, rented spaces or even out in the public eye. Many countries around the world had what was known as an anti raving law when the electronic music was first introduced that had police raiding and swatting the clubs. 

Eventually overtime the countries were susceptible to the idea and would pass laws and documents allowing the music and dance style to become more open and less illegal.  To this day Winnipeg still has underground raves but those are dedicated to one of the subgenres of electronic music and had security for safety in mind. All the music and with new things becoming popular around the world different places are learning slowly how to accept and adapt.

 In some places depending on the country there are still underground events as the older crowd who will not accept the adaptation and the new styles will still host underground events in abandoned warehouses, under bridges, or in small remote areas that has no set instructions. There is no need to call the hotline for the show that day hours before it starts to find the location but now you can just tune into facebook or other media sources and see when the event will go on months in advanced. 

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