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Oh Look A Rocker

From the rebellious teen angst to the adulthood of not caring. The look that started in the 70’s about not conforming to society's rules or having material possessions. The styles eventually evolved to high priced pleather pants, heeled shoes, studded jackets, and lots of spikes. Ripped knee jeans, loud music and big hair or just wearing a flowy dress showing main stream you don't care. 

The evolution of this style has changed over the years as it reached mainstream media on television and even the fashion industry. Bands used to play in dark smoke filled clubs with low lighting to large music centers and outdoor stages. Radio stations and other music castings and devices can be found dedicated to the style of music. 

Living this style can be glam and sheek or down and dirty it's what you plan to do with the look. In today's life you can go to any website and get items to incorporate into the rocker look. Bullet belts and big hair or plaid coats and combat boots. Rock it into style as long and choose whatever rebellious look you want as long as it defies social norms.

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