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Performance or Show Stopper.

Going to a street fair? See a clown blowing up balloons? Have a mime making a fake wall? Is there a contortionist upside down? In today's society performers have become more accepted and have a range of props. When a person decides to become a performer they spend countless hours practicing and perfecting the chosen art form. Always learning different ways to evolve and adapt new ideas to create the best show! Performing for a crowd can be nerve-wracking and scary but the feeling after can be so rewarding. 
When performing for a crowd or at an event on stage there is always a chance that something can go wrong. The equipment could malfunction, or a member of the crowd can cause the show to be paused. When a performer is using a prop such as a sword, chainsaw, fire etc. they have to be watchful and responsible for the crowd's safety. Every once in a while there are some issues that can happen when a person walks through the crowd does not follow the rules. From entering the safety ring, attempting to handle the equipment, Or just being loud and disruptive. When the show has been disturbed it can be hard to keep the energy flowing. When a performer is using dangerous props the show has to be halted due to a patron as it's it a safety risk.
We do ask that when you are watching a performer you please follow the rules. form a circle and clap, dance and cheer. The performers spend so much time and funds for their personal lives to be able to give you an amazing show. Show as much love as you can with being respectful. 

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