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Pin me Up!

One of the classy styles of alternative dedicated since the 1940’s is the wonderful Pin up girl. When you have big hair, flow dresses and a you can do it attitude you can't go wrong. Some of the style had more notice around world war 1 with postcards, calendars, and other media sources as a means to keep moral and spirits high.

With today's progression it's a vintage style showing off beauty and grace with a strong attitude and pin up is great for photo shoots! Natural makeup, curled hair, curvy body, pencil skirts, and tied up cardigans it's a female power movement. Wraps or V necks, wide belts, plunging necklines to show off all the top curves to give an edgy look yet still classy and respectable. From sail boats and swimming shorts, bandannas, and one pieces while hanging from a tree it is one of the most iconic symbol of our day. Following some of the artists and and Icons through history can be seen as Elvgren girls, Rita Hayworth, and even miss Betty page herself!

The style has been around for a long while but mostly subjected as drawing images but during the world war the government started using it as sex propaganda because remember in that time sex sold. Around the time of 1953 is when play boy made its magazine and pin up girls showing skin made its way to the public.during this time as women sexuality was oppressed this magazine and other artists like Marilyn Monroe, Betty and so many others pushed past the stigma and norms of the man's culture to create what we have today and we thank you!

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