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Raving in Style

Ravers or raving can include a multitude of style incorporated as their own with neon colors, tight tops, and big baggy pants. Back in the 90's when they underground had become more extreme there was "Kandi" bracelets up both arms with gloves and "phat" pants. The pants were huge wide legs and base unlike bell bottoms which had a gentle flair these were wide base. 

Now in today’s rave gear most looks will not compete without heavy rainbow makeup (gender not included) small backpack, and a lot of time a one piece. From hoods and tails to woodland nymphs this style has one of the largest communities that has a range of styles and  characteristics. 

Hat fashion looks can include fluffy hats with long lapels known as hoods with furry boot coverings and even modeling tails. When heading to a rave you must remember either have the fashionable shudder shades or light up glasses to prove to Corey Hart you can wear them at night. 

The styles of ravers are majestic and flashy styles of soft fur outfits, lots of light up toys, and bright clothing ideas. Most reave items had either been upcycled or modified to express yourself and can also include body paint. At parties and events there can also been a body painting station found and have all your curves highlighted with a painted glowing imagination. 

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