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Black and Blue Ball One Again!

There is no event page to follow but this amazing Gem is an old Winnipeg classic. With events that was hosted for years at the Osborne Inn. Its coming back for a amazing hurrah after so many years being a fun distant memory.  The event is 18+ but hosted at a new venue that is amazing and beautiful. Great sound and staff Bulldog is willing to allow the darker side if life to take over for a night of adventure.  If you are around in the city come down, Hang out and see what we have to offer. You may be surprised. 

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Cover your eyes! Its Nudity

Over the years there has always been a stigma about burlesque, gogo, and exotic dancers. Gogo dancing has been around since the 60’s (if not earlier) as hired entertainers for visual aids alongside music acts and performers. Once misconception is that gogo dancers are are like exotic dancers and remove clothing during the performance but as scantily clad as the outfits are that is not correct.  Burlesque style of dancing has been around for centuries but now is that it's done with comedy or the over dramatic acting when removing the articles of clothing. The artists in this style are still covering the genitals but it's an experience to watch a choreographed dance or skits with large props and interesting...

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Performance or Show Stopper.

Going to a street fair? See a clown blowing up balloons? Have a mime making a fake wall? Is there a contortionist upside down? In today's society performers have become more accepted and have a range of props. When a person decides to become a performer they spend countless hours practicing and perfecting the chosen art form. Always learning different ways to evolve and adapt new ideas to create the best show! Performing for a crowd can be nerve-wracking and scary but the feeling after can be so rewarding.  When performing for a crowd or at an event on stage there is always a chance that something can go wrong. The equipment could malfunction, or a member of the crowd can cause the show to be...

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Main Stream or Underground

Back when it all started certain music styles are outcasted and played in underground clubs or warehouses. When going to an underground event there was always a rick of getting caught or arrested by police. Now events can be held ini clubs, bars, venues, rented spaces or even out in the public eye. Many countries around the world had what was known as an anti raving law when the electronic music was first introduced that had police raiding and swatting the clubs.  Eventually overtime the countries were susceptible to the idea and would pass laws and documents allowing the music and dance style to become more open and less illegal.  To this day Winnipeg still has underground raves but those...

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Crossing The Scenes

We don't know about the rest of the world but here in good old Winnipeg we love to have multi venue with different genres of style and music. Now that a form of electronic music has hit the mass media and rock bands are playing popular on the radio there are not as many cross over shows as it used to be. Not to long ago in before the popularity of electronic music and industrial would be played in a 2 room venue. The scenes were smaller and underground so they would come together to make an amazing show. Some scenes have also done the crossover was metal and industrial or metal and punk. Going to a show you would...

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