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Got to Be Branded

The different styles for the different type of alternative life but like so many things on the internet the question is where to start? Doing a simple google search can bring up a lot of options but the question is who to trust especially when purchasing online?  That question will also be determined by the location of the clothing and how little the shipping rates will be.  Here in Canada we do rely on shipping and importing a lot of clothing but the rates can be very expensive when crossing from the United States of America border. As we do have access to some of the best clothing such as Banned, Strange Things Emporium,  or TrippNYC but we also have...

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Switching to organic yay or na?

Well this is an age old question that so many people have been asking over recent years and with so many products available now how to choose or what should I be looking for? Well with the market becoming huge out there things you should look for is essential oils in the products. They may not hold up the best in hot conditions but they are chemical free and depending on the items have amazing smells. Our products have everything including different soaps to lip chaps to help with any type of skin you may have. All the ingredients are listed and easy to read so why try to pronounce it when you have a different option. All the items...

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