What to see and do with Strange Things Emporium

What to see and do with Strange Things Emporium

Well now we have a ton of new things and items coming up and online
Got a fancy for chain mail? Well look on the site with new items that are coming up! 
Belts and necklaces , thongs and Bralette for the viking occasions.
Monster Earrings

Spooky halloween events coming so look out for events that we have popping up on the store page including events with a local promoter Advid Pro halloween extravaganza.

Also huge fan of the holiday? Want the house to smell amazing? well for the fall seasons Amanda Wax Melts has made some speciality products such as Pumpkin Cheesecake melts and we have other halloween goodies and scarves coming soon 

We also have new videos that are slowly being released on Youtube so if you want to watch something while in the mists join and sign up. Keep in the loop with some new products, how things work and tips/tricks on clothing or some of the circus products


Don't be afraid to look at the new items slowly being released! And we have a ton more to come with new artists arriving into shop so get the best in handmade with quality art and accessories!

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