Painting Girl – Strange Things Emporium
Painting Girl - Strange Things Emporium

Painting Girl

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8" x 10"

Sinthesizer has long had a passion for the art and building a sense of community. At the age of 16 found a passion and love for graphic design and advertising arts. Being a full time student and slowly over time building a clientele with Winnipeg’s rave and underground community as a graphic designer.

Independently working for entertainment groups such as Bi-weekly Basscadets, Electric Mayhem, Unisex Entertainment, Dimensional Rift (2015), and FNS: Friday Night Smackdown to build a portfolio of not only the experience she gained but the connections to those with a passion for art, and music.

Creating logos for local DJs such as Duke Von Sketchum, Fueled by Fire, The Jeeves, Gr0f, and Stevito.

“Working through the Rave and underground community has let me met many great people as well as have many opportunities and experiences. With a community where we all seem so different from one another I have met beautiful souls and creative minds that I would never let myself forget.”- Sinthesizer

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