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Meet the faces behind Strange Things Emporium!

There are many different artists and creators so why not learn who some of them are?

We have the Head of the team Kozzy Alexial 

The Fearless leader of the group

My life started by becoming a go-go dancer for the industrial and rave scene at the prime age of 18 (which is the legal age here) and ever since then my costumes have become more crazy. I needed more to go with it. So I decided it was time to pick up some modeling, acting, and performing gigs, and then started getting jobs as an event promoter for multiple sub-genre scenes. At the age of 21 I got into hula hooping, which took me to a whole new world of its own – and that’s when the circus community here in Winnipeg introduced me to fire hoops.

Traveling around Winnipeg doing dancing or hoop performances, I learned how to make hula hoops along the way. Being bored and wanting my friends to be able to come play with me I started making hoops, poi, and fire eating torches for a cost. That created my vendor stand Dark Hoops. From years of traveling to festivals peddling my wares and fellow friends’ items on consignment, I decided that it was finally time to go bigger, better, and more clothing — thus Strange Things Emporium was born!!

 Well another member of the team who brought you all the Leggings and fun stylish clothing is our own JK Apparel rep Mercedes Dawn with her running around to find the best tights and other apparel for you so shop around and check it out. She made sure that there was larger sizes and smaller for all types of different people! 

There are over 20+ artists to choose from which are labeled!

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